Chip tuning files service

Dyno tested and customized chip tuning files (performance remap files), proven at the dynamometers, with reasonable price & short delivery time. As a manufacturer of tuning tools and dynamometers, we also provide sophisticated and fully customized tuning files, also with options like dpf off, scr off etc.

B2B schema is a simple flat-rate pricing strategy with discounts per volume. Our experts continuously develop new performance chip tuning files for cars, agriculture, trucks, leisure and utility vehicles.

Our tuning files service includes the opportunity of download map packs, a2l files, customized chip files. Contact our support to learn more.

Our chip tuning files database consists of thousands of dyno tested performance chip files.

Check also our WinOls files database with mappacks, super map packs and rare tuning files of japan cars, jet skis, snowmobiles, trucks.


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Using Your favorite tuning tool, download an original ECU reading and upload to our server.


Within an hour you can download processed tuning files.


  • reliable supplier of customized tuning files for over 15 years
  • our experts work with dynamometers from the beginig of chip tuning era, as we produce dynamometers too
  • all our files are customized and verified with dynamometers
  • we offer also file service for dpf off, fap off, scr off, hot start, Adblue off, DSG tuning etc.
  • we provide mappacks and damos download for many cars (ask support)
  • real time support via Skype is available
  • V-tech Tuning is a distributor of EVC (WinOls) and authorized training centre. We teach tuners
  • Alientech (Kess, Ktag), CMD and EVC tools distributor. Discounts for our customers
  • Reasonable pricing and high volume discounts

Power boxes for SENT (digital sensors) cars available

We are ready with a complete line of SENT (digital sensors) powerboxes. These boxes can be fully tuned (but they are pre-tuned). See dyno results.
A lot of customers are afraid of chip tuning due to an extended warranty of the car.
We propose excellent prices for you if you want to distribute them.
Please contact for pricing.
See examples with dyno graphs:

Volkswagen Passat 1.5 TSI EVO 150KM 110kW
Volkswagen Passat 1.5TSI
EVO 150KM 110kW
Audi Q5 II (2021) 2.0 TDI 163KM 120kW
Audi Q5 II 2.0 TDI
163KM 120kW
Renault Clio IV 1.0 TCe 100KM 74kW
Renault Clio IV 1.0 TCe
100KM 74kW
Mercedes A 2.0T 224KM 165kW
Mercedes A 2.0T
224KM 165kW
Kia Stinger 2.2 CRDi 200KM 147kW
Kia Stinger 2.2 CRDi
200KM 147kW
Audi RS5 2.9 TFSI 450KM 331kW
Audi RS5 2.9 TFSI
450KM 331kW
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Power box manufacturer
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