Performance Chip Tuning - Is It Worth It?

The answer to the question of whether the chip tuning makes sense and whether it is profitable requires impartiality, however, as a car tuner, I am a party. The average home-grown garage-tuner after hearing such a question exclaims: "But of course it's worth - I'm surprised that you're asking!" The problem is that if he was a combs – seller, he would offer them also to bald people, arguing ultimately that the comb can be used to make music instead, and yet we know that music is a medicine for the soul.

You've probably already found your car in the database of chip tuning files and wonder if it's worth of remapping it. Investing in chip tuning or eco tuning of a car will undoubtedly require asking yourself some questions:

What do you expect from the chip-tuned car?

If an increase in power and torque is to help you to safely overtake other road users, and by the way to get a little bit more driving pleasure due to a better acceleration when starting and generally allowing yourself to have a little more fun while driving a car – the answer is: definitely yes. As long as the power and torque is used moderately and reasonably, and our modification is made to the extent of the structural strength of the car – then why not?

You should know that after tuning, the engine does not have to be less stable and if the tuning is provided by a professional tuner, and dyno-tested – there is nothing to be afraid of. But you should realize that after the chip tuning we still have no more efficient brakes, more adhesive tires, nor lower center of gravity. Our own skills were also not "remapped & tuned". The weakest link will not be the engine. It is therefore necessary to moderate the strength of intentions and take care of pads, discs, tires, and most importantly - do not drive on the edge, especially in the corners.