Chip frequently asked questions

Q: What do I need to have with me for chip tuning training?
A: Notebook with WinOls Demo or WinOls installed (latest version if possible).

Q: Can I do level1 + level2 at once?
A: Yes, this will be 5 days training. Fresh mind is appreciated.

Q: How long does chip tuning training take every day?
A: 7 hours + 1 hour for lunch per day. Such training covers complicated material, so short pauses for coffee/refreshment are on demand. Also homework is obligatory every day.

Q: Can you adapt your trainings to my knowledge? I know already some of subjects of training.
A: Of course. At the beginning we talk about actual knowledge and correct training to individual demands/skill level. Notice, that this can be done only, if it is 1 on 1 training, not a group one.

Q: I need specialized knowledge – for example disassembling and reversing of MED17 ECU or chip tuning of Mercedes and Porsche automatic transmissions. Can you provide me a training?
A: Yes, this will be 1 on 1 training, it has a flat net price of 1000 EUR per day.

Q: Can I be trained with other chip tuning editor than WinOls?
A: No

Q: Is your training of WinOls authorised by EVC?
A: Yes. Refer to

Q: Can I buy WinOls license directly at training?
A: Yes. You will receive discount on total price of training + WinOls license.

Q: Can I use cracked version of WinOls during training?
A: No. You can use WinOls Demo instead (free). We offer you also full legal version for a perfect reduced price (total price of training + WinOls license will be lowered), if you decide to switch to legal WinOls.

Q: What can I do after a training, during evenings in Krakow?
A: We ask you to do homework (do some files/modifications of provided ECU files) to ensure the knowledge is well trained, so you wouln't have a lot of free time. Homeworks are checked next day morning. Beside that Krakow is an 1000 years old town, famous for its architecture. Historical Main Square is 8 km far from our headquarters/hotels nearby – you can take a taxi or tram.

Q: What is „homework”?
A: Additional work you do every day except last day of training at hotel, calculated for 1-2 hours. This can be omitted by demand, but is highly suggested as a brilliant method of improving skills and better memorization of new informations. Homework is checked and disputed next day morning, with instructor, who checks it for quality of work, explains mistakes and missing things.

Q: Do you offer practical training with dyno?
A: It is available on demand.

Q: Do you offer weekend chip tuning trainings?
A: Yes, this is possible.

Q: Do you offer other types of chip tuning trainings?
A: Trucks, agriculture machines, jetskis, snowmobiles and leisure ATV (BRP, Yamaha, Kawasaki, Polaris)

Q: Can I buy chip tuning tools and flashers from EVC, Alientech (KESS, KTAG), CMD Flashtec directly at training?
A: Yes, if agreed prior to training. Prices of tools will be discounted (lowered) for you.

Q: What languages are trainings provided?
A: English. Other options available (on demand): German, Russian, Polish.

Q: Do you provide any printed training materials/scripts?
A: Yes, for level 1, 37 pages, English

Q: Can I record the training?
A: No. You can make photos of whiteboard, screenshots, still images.

Q: Do you accept PayPal/bank transfer?
A: Yes. Payments can be done with PayPal, bank transfers (prior to training), BitCoin, currencies other than EUR (must be agreed) or mix of any of above.

Q: Is lunch/sanwitches/cakes/coffee included in the price of training?
A: Yes

Q: Do you provide accomodation?
A: No, but there are inexpensive hotels nearby. We can make a reservation for you.

Q: What is the nearest airport?
A: Krakow Balice Airport (code KRK) is an international airport located 20 km from our headquarters. We can pick you up and back free.

Q: Is Wi-Fi available?
A: Yes

Q: I have questions other than above – how to ask them?
A: You can use following contact: or Sype: chip_tuning_files_support