Chip tuning trainings

As we receive many questions from potential students at our chip tuning trainings, we would like to explain, that we focus on practical processing of files. In other words – we will make your skills to be good enough to work for your own, to be skilled chip tuner and process & remap files without help of other tuners.

Chip tuning training courses will increase your car chip tuning skills, even if you start your adventure with cars. Professional chip tuning lessons focus on newest injection systems like EDC17, MED17, Siemens Tricore based systems, Delphi, Denso, Continental etc. Chip tuning trainings explain also how to deactivate DPF, FAP, SCR, DTC codes. EVC WinOls trainings are also included in our courses (authorized by EVC). Please notice that we do not train in using flashers or dyno – we focus on professionals, who want to increase their knowledge of file processing, remapping, fine tuning. Having notebook with WinOls or WinOls demo is obligatory.