Chip tuning of DSG and S-tronic transmissions

Automatic transmissions DSG and S-tronic and many other automatic transmissions are controlled by electronic programmable controllers and a tuning of such transmissions is possible. While using common words “chip tuning” we do not mean, of course, more power, as transmissions convert torque and do not generate any power. However, there is a common need to remove or correct torque limiters within transmission controller to enable power increase via engine control unit (ECU). For example: popular Audi and VW 2.0 TDI 143 hp engine has a torque limiter in a DSG set at a level of 350 Nm. The engine is capable to deliver a higher torque, like 400+Nm, but in case of DSG installed, the torque will be cut to these 350 Nm.

Other parameters are also alterable – speed and load shift, progression of transmission, switching rpms (allowing you to increase engine speed limiter). The standard offer includes also adjustments of shifting time and thus – speeding up launch and acceleration. You can also order more subtle changes – eg. behaviour of launch control and method of its activation. Sometimes customers wish to lock gear change after reaching the maximum speed while in manual gear selection mode, so the engine will reach rev limiter.

Chip Tuning of six-speed DSG (DQ250) and seven-speed (DQ200) or longitudinal S-Tronic (DQ501) or DSG DQ380, well known from the Golf VII GTI, is possible in the full range of options listed above. Tiptronic and Multitronic are also subject to modifications. Depending on the version and specification of the AT, not all options are possible or available, but the torque limiter can always be removed.

If you are interested to chip tune DSG transmission and optimize it for getting the best results from engine chip tuning - you can order chip tuning of DSG, S-tronic or Tiptronic simultaneously with the tuning of the engine. The offer applies to all petrol and TDI VAG engines.