Chip tuning files weekend and late evening service

We provide chip tuning files service and tuning files database available also during weekends, European bank holidays and other non-working days. Performance chip tuning files are available also late evening, up to 22.00 of european CET.

Notice, that regular file service is available from 8.00 till 17.00 CET, later we provide extended time file service. Pricing for stage 1 files is same as regular workdays pricing. Any files of stage 2, individual tuning, etc during weekends and non-working days are priced as twice a stage 1 price.

If you are interested in weekend service or late evening service, please contact us via skype or e-mail (support skype and e-mail are visible at the top of the page after logging in).

Please notice that during weekends our reaction time and time to delivery processed files may be up to 2 hours. We cannot guarantee of delivery of weekend files, so please always include your cellphone number in comments, so we can inform you via SMS if we can deliver your file within reasonable amount of time.